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Random Kitten Picture - Rudy
Not So Cute   Very Cute

Not So Cute   Very Cute

User's Comment
Static-cat, to the rescue!!! :D :D
:D :D Oops! :shock: I forgot my

User's Comment
Let's Rock 'n Roll, baby!

User's Comment
That's a

User's Comment
Yeah, now I know what that other
kitten kitten meant after I said
"Wheel "Wheel
thingy." thingy."
*remembering *remembering
what what other kitten meant* DUH

User's Comment
The House Kingdom is now under my

User's Comment
Finally I'm up.. but how am I gonna
get get down?

User's Comment
My plan is working! now that they
think think I am cute, I CAN TAKE THE

User's Comment
How can i get of from this? :? :? :?

User's Comment
Ah Hah!!! I FOUND YOU! Your turn to
seeker!!! seeker!!!

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