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Random Kitten Picture - Lady Lazuli & Sir Myst
Not So Cute   Very Cute

Not So Cute   Very Cute

User's Comment
aww there just lerning too drink of
bowl bowl

User's Comment
There were four food group in daily
servings servings until they a
fifth: fifth:

User's Comment
bat off it is myne no you poo poo head
:evil: :evil:

User's Comment
gray kitten: i dont think were get
out out of this bowl brown
kitten: kitten: hey look at the
bright bright side we finnally get
to to talk?he he
he.......mmmmmmmm gray
kitten:i kitten:i dont get whats
funny? funny? beside move your big
butt butt is pushing me to the side.

User's Comment
Leave us alone, we is

User's Comment
This picture seriously leads me to
believe believe that the devil

User's Comment
i cant beileave im taking a bath in
yellow yellow water!!!!!!! wait i
dont dont remember being in yellow
water?! water?! other cat:sorry!
:oops: :oops:

User's Comment
I'm tired :D 8) :lol: :P

User's Comment
GK: I just don't understand.
This This bowl fit us fine last
week. BK: week. BK: Hmmm.
[raises [raises voice slightly]
Could Could we try the next size up,

User's Comment
kitties in a bowl are AWSOME!! :D

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