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Random Kitten Picture - Jack and Jill
Not So Cute   Very Cute

Not So Cute   Very Cute

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:evil: PRIVACY

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Mommy I found it can I bring it

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Leave my wife

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Left kitten: what are you
doing? Right doing? Right
kitten: kitten: hugging
you. Left you. Left kitten:
why? Right why? Right kitten:
feel feel like it. Left kitten:
Get Get off! Right kitten: come
you you know you like it! Left
kitten: kitten: oh what the hey
(hugs (hugs

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User's Comment
I didn't want SUCH a strong

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User's Comment
Kitten on left: We R gonna be best
friends friends FOREVER, huh,
bud Kitten bud Kitten on right
(in (in scared voice): Mhm!
C-c-can't C-c-can't

User's Comment
huh, no it wasnt what it looks like
umm....yeah umm....yeah i mean

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