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Not So Cute   Very Cute

User's Comment
:evil: can u not see im having a bad
hair hair day?!?!its hard being
star star of the

User's Comment
wow.Lots of people.Takin lots of
pictures pictures of me.The are
starting starting to make me dizzy
but but i have to look my best
.I'll .I'll just curl
into into a lil' fluff ball
like like this.i like havin a
personal camera crew!!

User's Comment
WHOA it's so pretty and

User's Comment
soooooooooo cute and soooooooo
beautiful!! Sweet like a Candy!
full full

User's Comment
the kitten is cutest fluffy kitten
in in the

User's Comment
i'm a cute lil' fluff ball hear me
roar! roar! :D :) :o

User's Comment
awww, so cute and fluffy.

User's Comment
Mother [email protected]#$, can't you just
leave leave me alone, or I'll
turn turn into a

User's Comment

User's Comment
i c dead

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