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User's Comment
I pledge alligance
to...wait...who was the person
that that said Canada
sucks? This sucks? This
site site is viewed
worldwide...and also available
Canadians Canadians like
myself. But myself. But
I'm I'm adding this as a fav it's so
adorable. adorable.

User's Comment
I pledge aleagance to the flag of
U.S.C! (Happy U.S.C! (Happy
Independance Independance Day!)
:roll: :roll: :D :) :o :lol:

User's Comment
Lets sing the national
anthom....... anthom....... :D

User's Comment
i pledge aleagance, to the flag, of
the the United States Of Americat.

User's Comment

User's Comment
What a patriotic kitty I

User's Comment
I'm an amarican

User's Comment
whos bright stars and bright skys
:smile: :smile: :smile:

User's Comment
FL.... An't FL.... An't I
right?? right??

User's Comment
i am one of those *U S OF A* cats!

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