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Not So Cute   Very Cute

User's Comment
that sure is a

User's Comment
this is fake... kittens have been
duplicated duplicated using
photoshop photoshop or any other
similar similar program... look
closely... closely...

User's Comment
roses who needs roses they have us
give give to tha bride :D :D :D

User's Comment
UHHHHHHH Mom I Can't Feel My Face,
Nor Nor Legs, Nor Arms, Infact I
Can't Can't Feel Any Bone Or Limb In
My My Body

User's Comment
kitten1:But Mom I dont want to
kitten2:There are so many!
mom: mom: Duh! (fighting)
hey hey stop

User's Comment
this pic is must go in guiness world
record record book

User's Comment
if there yours cani be ur freind1!

User's Comment
:D I think I would enjoy receiving
this this bouquet better than any

User's Comment
I'm slightly squashed

User's Comment
kittens u kno we are having a fun
ride human ride human ug
shure shure but im about to drop you
guys kittens ooooooohhhhhhh
nooooooo nooooooo

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