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Not So Cute   Very Cute

Not So Cute   Very Cute

User's Comment
i know it looks bad but i think you
will will find it is just CJI on to th
cat. cat. ITS NOT REAL!!! if you
look look where the skin wrinkles
the the tattoo is smoth. so bfore
you you start a witch hunt have a
closer closer

User's Comment
That is by far the cruelest thing I
have have ever seen. Tattoos are
humans humans not cats, if that is
real real shame on you, and I would
have have animal control come to
your your house immediantly. And
the the cat is Though it may be
photoshopped, photoshopped,
still still

User's Comment
who in san hek said they could the
ever ever it is i think its a cat
tatoo tatoo it!?!?!!?!?!!?
:shock: :shock:

User's Comment
it is a cute breed but who ever did
this this to that cat has to be
mean!!! mean!!! :x :x Why wold you
tattoo tattoo a cat and get its ear
pirerced. pirerced. I cant stand
see see this cat. it a bad thing to do
to to this cute. It makes it not cute
any any more :evil: :evil: :evil:

User's Comment
wut the *** did you *** that ***

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