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User's Comment
i hate you stupid girl you are
crule,mean,ugly and i absolutely
hate hate you why dont you just the
cat cat alone. you are a complete
meanie meanie and i wish you got
thrown thrown against a window and
get get thrown across the
idiot idiot :evil: :evil: :evil:
:evil: :evil:

User's Comment
F#*@ you and the people who enjoy
these these movies you r a sick
little little girl just think What
if if the cat threw you over on
theother theother side of the
f#*@ing f#*@ing bed how would u you
ulgy ulgy a** bit*&

User's Comment
you little gril what the crap is
problem problem i hope you git
thrown thrown ot a window that and
that that does not even come close
what what you have done to that
little little cat :evil: :evil:
:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

User's Comment
your a dirty brat that cat is alive
and and wont be for verry long if you
do do that to him!!!!!!!WHAT THE
heck heck you dont throw a cat you
love love it and feed it and if you
nice nice to it it will llove you i
hope hope the animal police take
that that cat away from u. you

User's Comment
Two Words (Or More): You're
horrible horrible You think funny
Oh Oh but you're not. You sound
stupid. stupid. (No offense.)
really really is

User's Comment

User's Comment
snow white and the six

User's Comment
what are you kittens

User's Comment
oh my goodness the cat is so

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