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Video Name: Extremely Funny Pets
Duration: 72
Description: . . Here is a comilation of funny pets including dogs, cats, kittens and puppies. I've compiled them all into one video.
Views: 12476
Rating: 4.8 (based on 10 votes)

Video Name: Puma and Pumpkin sleeping (cute cats funny kittens)
Duration: 269
Description: Watch my kittens while they sleep.
Views: 34968
Rating: 4.8 (based on 103 votes)

Video Name: kittens 2
Duration: 100
Description: video of our kittens as they are getting bigger
Views: 1908
Rating: 5.0 (based on 2 votes)

Video Name: Fat Cat & Little Bunnies
Duration: 63
Description: Fat and cute cat likes bunnies too much.
Views: 83598
Rating: 4.1 (based on 461 votes)

Video Name: Kitten afraid of remote control mouse
Duration: 92
Description: closed for "Kitty Whack-a-Mouse" and for "Tink and The Mouse." Tink placed 1st twice (in week 7 and week 10) of the Bissell Pet Games Video Contest! Thanks for voting! And thanks for the features YouTube and Yahoo! editors ;) Music: Kevin MacLeod ( Download the music here: Also titled: "Eek a Mouse!" and "Tink and The Mouse." ... cute kitten kittens cat cats remote control RC mouse toy playing afraid scared pets animals pet animal kawaii Tink robot vs versus ...
Views: 1602525
Rating: 4.68 (based on 11018 votes)

Duration: 306
Description: onesmallstepforlandmines "EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE ALL RIGHT" by: ONE SMALL STEP FOR LANDMINES cat video ... love cats kittens hugging dogs puppies ONE SMALL STEP FOR LANDMINES cute fun happy cheer cat pets
Views: 9237
Rating: 4.54 (based on 22 votes)

Video Name: Funny pets
Duration: 65
Description: Kittens doing funny stuff
Views: 3936
Rating: 4.71 (based on 7 votes)

Video Name: PAWSitively Cute Kittens Sleepy Time
Duration: 107
Description: The Himilayan Kittens got a little sleepy and decided to have a nap.
Views: 9443
Rating: 4.98 (based on 178 votes)

Video Name: Fuzzy Fuzzy Cute Cute Kittens
Duration: 58
Description: These Himalayan kittens turned 21 days old. They are still weeble wobbley. They are definitely little time wasters and love to get attention. The little guys had some fun on the rocking chair for a little while. This is just part of their big adventure on the chair. They later got a little sleepy and had a nap. That is another video. Once again I would like to thank Parry Gripp for letting me use parts of his song Fuzzy Fuzzy Cute Cute. I appreciate your generosity Parry. Thank you. Please ...
Views: 11715
Rating: 4.96 (based on 155 votes)

Video Name: 7 funny baby cats SNOWCATS (1)
Duration: 180
Description: Our kitty Sissi gave birth to 7 kittens. 6 white and 1 black. On video they are playing and having fun together. For more details go to
Views: 17941
Rating: 5.0 (based on 33 votes)




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